Excellence in Pediatric Dental Care

Metropolitan Pediatric Dental Associates is a specialty dental office just for kids! Our professional, gentle, and caring pediatric dentists have been providing quality dental care to children and adolescents since 1965.

Beyond graduation from dental school, all of the pediatric dentists at Metropolitan Pediatric Dental Associates have completed an additional 2-year residency in pediatrics.   Because of our specialty training, we are more knowledgeable and experienced with the dental conditions that arise in children than a general dentist who does not specialize in children’s dentistry.

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Dentistry Designed for Every Child

We are specially trained and equipped to treat children who have special needs, children who require a large amount of dental work, or children who are anxious and simply need a little extra care. We even offer hospital dentistry so we can complete all of your child’s dental work in one visit, while they sleep!

We look forward to meeting you and your child soon!

Recent Posts

Happy Earth Day from Metropolitan Pediatric Dental Associates!

Today is Earth Day, a world wide celebration of our planet. On this day, we take special consideration to appreciate nature and learn new ways to protect our environment. Many people celebrate by planting seeds, trees, and flowers, or adopting a highway or park. Others celebrate by bringing awareness on ways to keep our planet healthy and conserve our resources, such as water.

Did you know that if you leave the water running when brushing your teeth you are wasting approximately 5 gallons of water? If you are brushing twice a day, as recommended by your dentist, you are wasting:

10 Gallons of Water in 1 Day
280 Gallons of Water over 1 Month
3,360 Gallons of Water over 1 Year

By turning off the faucet while brushing, a family of 4 can conserve 13,440 gallons of water in just 1 year.  That is enough water to fill up an entire swimming pool! Conserving water is a simple way to respect our planet.  Let’s all start by turning off the water when we brush our teeth.

Happy Earth Day from your friends at Metropolitan Pediatric Dental Associates!

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